Family Meals Movement

Join us in celebrating #Family Meals Movement – where gathering around the table not only improves physical health but mental health as well.  Throughout the year, we will help highlight the benefits of family meals and how Our Family can help build stronger families with something as simple as gathering around the family dinner table. Raise your mitt and commit to one more meal at home each week, whether it’s dinner during the week or breakfast on the weekend. Gather your family around the table with Our Family products and experience the benefits of family meals!


Don’t know where to start with family meals? Our Family has you covered! Try our easy and delicious recipes that will satisfy the entire family.

Chicken Ranch Bagel Sandwich

Turn your favorite breakfast food into a protein packed savory sandwich.

Southwestern Chicken & Potato Bake

Ooey-gooey and cheesy this one-dish meal makes for a great family dinner!

Tropical Tajín® Smoothie Bowl

The perfect, fresh and healthy breakfast for summer mornings!

BBQ Tuna Sliders

A one-of-a-kind slider that’s a great source of protein and grains!

Grilled Cheese

Packed with grains and dairy it’s a cheesy delight!

Black Bean Chili

This wonderful chili is a great source of protein and dairy!

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Healthy Italian Mixed Salad

Eating healthy has never been so easy or so delicious!

Family Meals Cookbook

Taste the flavors of the world with these unique recipes!