Kids Crew

When you shop Our Family, you can feel good about what you’re feeding ALL members of your family. With help from our Registered Dietitian Deanna and her Kids Crew, you can make healthy foods fun!

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Meet the Crew



Colby is a hockey player and represents the Dairy food group. Colby’s favorite food is cheese and he teaches us about the importance of dairy foods in building strong bones and muscles.


Fuji represents the Fruit food group and his favorite food is fruit salad since it contains many different fruits. Fuji’s favorite sport is tennis and he teaches about being resourceful and reducing food waste.


Pepper’s favorite foods are carrots with hummus and veggie pizza and she is a skateboarder. Pepper represents the Vegetable food group and how good nutrition allows us to be alert and focused.



Oatis represents the Grain food group and how grain foods provide our bodies with energy to be active every day. Oatis is a soccer player and his favorite foods are oatmeal and pasta.


Chia represents the Protein food group and loves running. Her favorite foods are tuna fish and beans. Chia teaches us about the importance of being physically active every day.


Olive reminds us of the importance of good nutrition in thinking and learning. Her favorite foods are sunflower seeds and walnuts and her favorite activities are reading and playing chess.