New Products

At Our Family, we’re always cooking up new products — from fresh twists on old classics to bold new innovations you and your family are sure to love.

Be sure to check this page often to see what we have in-store for you!

*Product availability may vary based on location.

Ice Cream

Check out our new ice cream flavors today! They’re even creamier than before and perfect for a summer afternoon treat.

Deli Salads

New from Fresh & Finest by Our Family! Our Deli Salads come in a wide variety of options that are perfect for your next family picnic or neighborhood potluck.

Frozen Fruit

New from Our Family! Our frozen fruit is full of sweet flavor and perfect for smoothies or added to your favorite muffin recipe. Find countless varieties in the frozen aisle today!

Deli Cheeses

Deli cheeses from Fresh & Finest by Our Family are available in a variety of inspired flavors. They can be sliced for sandwiches, shredded into casseroles or cubed for snacks!

Deli Meats

Fresh & Finest by Our Family Deli Meats are crafted in the USA and hand sliced to order at the deli. Find everything from ham and chicken to turkey and roast beef!

Shaved Parmesan

Our Family Shaved Parmesan is perfect for topping your pasta, pizza, and more! Find it in the dairy department of you favorite Our Family retailer today.

Cheese Sticks

Try out our new Mild Cheddar & Colby Jack Cheese Sticks. Find them in the dairy department during your next shopping trip!

Corned Beef Brisket

A little bit of Irish corned beef isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. Wake up your taste buds with Our Family Corned Beef! Find it in the meat department of your favorite Our Family retailer today.

Donut Holes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our new donut holes! Explore the varieties in the bakery of your favorite Our Family retailer today.

Produce Dips

Fresh & Finest by Our Family produce dips are simply delicious! Find sweet and savory options* for your fruit and veggies in the produce department of your favorite Our Family retailer today.

*seasonal varieties available

Michigan Fried Cherry Pie Ice Cream

You won’t want to miss this limited edition ice cream! It’s a sweet ice cream filled with fried pie crust pieces and a tart cherry swirl.


Our Family Mushrooms are a hearty, and meaty vegetarian alternative for your favorite dishes! Or enjoy them raw as a part of a veggie tray offering!


America’s favorite vegetable is now available from Our Family. No matter your preference, be it baking, boiling, mashing, or frying, there is a variety for your every need! Our Family Potatoes also come in 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, and 10lb bags.

Fresh & Finest by Our Family Bacon

Double smoked, applewood, extra thick, cooks to crispy perfection with its signature, smoky ribboning along the edges. Enjoy this flavorful bacon for breakfast, add crunch to a salad or casserole, or build a memorable BLT!

Boneless Ham

Just in time for the holidays Our Family’s hickory smoked Boneless Hams are here! They’re fully cooked, free from MSG and available in a variety of sizes.