New Products

At Our Family, we’re always cooking up new products — from fresh twists on old classics to bold new innovations you and your family are sure to love.

Be sure to check this page often to see what we have in-store for you!

*Product availability may vary based on location.


Our frozen shrimp come in a wide variety of options. Perfect for any recipe, they’re high in protein and healthy! Find them in the frozen aisle today.


Our Family seafood is here! We have everything from catfish and cod to tilapia and pollock. Find our farm-raised seafood in the frozen aisle today!


Whether you’re craving a breakfast burrito or tacos, we have the solution! Our new tortillas come in a variety of sizes, perfect for every occasion.

Baby Potatoes

Whether you’re mashing them or roasting them, we have the perfect potatoes for you! Pick up your favorite variety in the produce section today.


Looking for a delicious mid-day treat? Try our new danishes, available in 4 flavors! Find them in the bakery department.

Add some pizzazz to your salads with our Blue Cheese Crumbles. Find them in the dairy section today.

Our Feta Cheese Crumbles are the perfect addition to your next wrap or app! Try it in our recipe for Grilled Crudités with Herbed Feta Dip.

Try our new thick, tangy tomato ketchup blended with red jalapeño for a spicy kick!

Crunchy and delicious, try our new Wheat Flakes cereal today. They’re packed with with 9 vitamins and minerals that make this cereal so good for you!

A creamy blend of Monterey Jack cheese with Hatch Peppers for some added kick! Try adding it to our recipe for Skillet Hatch Chile Queso Dip.

Fresh Chicken

Our Family fresh chicken is now available in select states! Find several varieties including wings, thighs, breasts and more. We never add preservative marinades or give our chickens hormones, it’s as fresh as possible!

Frozen Burger Patties

Get ready for your summer cookout with our delicious burgers! Find Our Family burgers in the frozen department of your local Our Family retailer today.

Ice Cream

Check out our new ice cream flavors today! They’re even creamier than before and perfect for a summer afternoon treat.

Deli Salads

New from Fresh & Finest by Our Family! Our Deli Salads come in a wide variety of options that are perfect for your next family picnic or neighborhood potluck.

Frozen Fruit

New from Our Family! Our frozen fruit is full of sweet flavor and perfect for smoothies or added to your favorite muffin recipe. Find countless varieties in the frozen aisle today!

Deli Cheeses

Deli cheeses from Fresh & Finest by Our Family are available in a variety of inspired flavors. They can be sliced for sandwiches, shredded into casseroles or cubed for snacks!

Deli Meats

Fresh & Finest by Our Family Deli Meats are crafted in the USA and hand sliced to order at the deli. Find everything from ham and chicken to turkey and roast beef!

Shaved Parmesan

Our Family Shaved Parmesan is perfect for topping your pasta, pizza, and more! Find it in the dairy department of you favorite Our Family retailer today.

Cheese Sticks

Try out our new Mild Cheddar & Colby Jack Cheese Sticks. Find them in the dairy department during your next shopping trip!