Our Family Cares

Family has always been at the heart of every community. Each and every day, all across America, families come together to make their communities stronger, better places to live, play, and grow.

At Our Family®, we love and care about the communities we serve, and we want to do our part to give back.

Instead of making one large donation to a national group, we’d like to touch as many lives as possible in our communities through sponsoring local groups that are making a real difference in the community. By contributing at a grassroots level, we can make an immediate and lasting impact in the everyday lives of our friends and neighbors.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need partners in progress who will help us identify the organizations and events that are making a positive impact in the communities we love. Maybe it’s a youth sports team, a local festival, a special event, or a group that works to promote education and the arts. Tell us about your group and why you feel it deserves our sponsorship.

If you are a member of a nonprofit organization seeking sponsorship, submit your group or event for consideration here. While we cannot sponsor every group or event submitted, we can promise that we will review each request carefully and thoroughly.
Thank you for helping us help our communities!

Together, let’s make better places to live, play, and grow.

“Senior Night was overall an amazing and unforgettable night, and Our Family played a HUGE role in it! I wanted to thank you again for helping create all of these amazing memories.”

“The Our Family brand helped us enhance our outdoor young infant play area to include natural elements while providing safety for all ages.”

“The Our Family brand helped Warning Lights fight human trafficking by creating awareness, educating our communities, and coordinating services for victims and survivors.”

“Thank you so much for your contribution to FBCAC. What a great way to support local non-profits. All of our animals say thank you – and from all of us at FBCAC! Thank you!!”

“The Our Family brand has helped feed and take care of cats and dogs housed at our shelter.”

“Because of the Our Family brand our group has purchased all sorts of medical equipment and supplies for homeless shelters.”

“The WMVC will be using the donation towards our Share-a-Meal program.  This program was created to assist Military Families experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic. Since we started the program, the WMVC has assisted over 400 Families by providing ready to heat healthy meals, non-perishables, fresh fruits and vegetables, and grocery cards.”

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Check out the map above to explore our partnerships and learn how your local community has been impacted by these amazing nonprofit organizations.

The goal of the Our Family Scholarship program is to remove the barriers to education for our shoppers who help make our communities better places to live, play, and grow.

Partners in Progress

Check out the stories from some of our partners in progress below and learn how Our Family Cares is supporting our local communities.

Beyond Bones

At Beyond Bones people with disabilities are able to find meaningful employment making delicious all-natural dog treats for your furry friends! Through the donation of Our Family ingredients, Beyond Bones was able to make and bake almost 1,000 extra bags of dog treats that they now sell at their local Our Family retailer!

Daddy Daughter Time

Our Family partnered with Daddy Daughter Time to host a hands on cooking class that allowed dads and their daughters to spend quality time together. They were able to make and take home two delicious (and healthy) baked goods, Black Bean Brownies and Greek Yogurt Maple Muffins, along with memories that will last a lifetime.   

Georgetown Harmony Homes

“Thanks everyone for a great night!!  Our residents had an amazing time.  I was so surprised they all participated in the Yoga.  They enjoyed making their snack and supper for tomorrow.  I’ll have to sneak to each of their homes to try some!! Glad all the details came together!!  Great team work on everyone’s part! Thank you for partnering with us! Looking forward to next time!!”

– Tammy Schnyders, Georgetown Harmony Homes Staff

Lee High School

Through the Our Family Cares program Our Family was able to support Lee High School’s Student of the Month program – also known as the Legends of the Month program. Students selected for this program are recognized and rewarded for their academic, social and behavioral improvements. We also had the opportunity to partner with them in supporting their new yearbook club. Several senior students joined together to create the first yearbook for their classmates this schoolyear!

Sled Wings

We’re proud to partner with this adaptive hockey program for athletes with physical challenges that provides them with the opportunity to play the sport they love. This amazing organization gives players the chance to come together, bond, and have fun.

Storytime GR

StorytimeGR hosts weekly reading events during the summer at parks all around the city. By doing so they are helping to bridge the literacy gap in West Michigan.